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Some of Our Protest Posters

I don’t have a smart phone or an ipod or even a small camera I could take with me to the protests–something like that is beyond my budget, so that is why there are no pictures of the Madison crowds here. All I have is one camera I use for my business–photographing my jewelry, art, beads, Stan’s cactuses, etc., and I’m not big on bringing that to these events. So since I had to get out my camera to shoot some beads this AM, I decided to shoot some of the posters I made that we’ve been bringing these past weeks.

On Saturday, March 12, I carried this one:
Union Pug Says RECALL!
and on the flip side:
Scott Walker : Worse than Palin

and Stan carried this one:
Union Bosston Terrier
and on the flip side:
Scott Walker : Plutocracy in the USA
These are made with black-cartridge laserwriter prints on colored cut paper over cardboard. They’re approx. 16×20 inches.

On Saturday, February 26, I carried this one:
I Heart Wisconsin 14
and on the flip side:
Scott Walker is a Dunce
I sort of had a Scott Walker-moment when I was creating that one because I put the flipside on upside down, so I couldn’t hold the sign up in the air, just against my body to hide the upside down side. I had gotten up really early in the morning, and brain wasn’t engaged fully when assembling it.

I also made another sign, but we left it in the car (we took it on a weekday afternoon) and Stan’s at work right now. I’ll try to shoot it sometime.

I Heart Wisconsin 14

In light of what is going on in my state, I’ve added more items to my Zazzle store.

I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

Show your support for the 14 Wisconsin State Senators who stand up for the working people and against Governor Walker’s disastrous Budget Repair Bill.

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I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

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