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Dreams the past few days

Darn, I wish I could remember this dream better. I know I remembered it when I woke up and thought, “that’s pretty funny, I’ll have to write it down” and then went on to forget the funny part about it. All I can recall is that it had Mitt Romney in it. Why do I have this guy in my dreams? (Here’s the other dream I had with Mittens…caution…opens to the previous old version of this blog) It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s not like I’m a supporter…hardly! Have I had Pres. Obama in dreams? I don’t think so. Oh wait…I did. But why Romney? No explanation at all.

In the dream he was an instructor, maybe even an art professor. Well, that makes sense. Although I’m sure Mittens lacks any creative talents (robotic mannequins aren’t known for genuine creativity), I’m sure he’d be up there in the compassion zone along with most of the art professors I’ve known. That’s sarcasm. Yeah. Good Times, as Leon would say.

Maybe it will come to me later.

Now on to the next dream. It is very hard to explain, and I tried my best to tell Stan about it after I had it on Monday. I was going to some function where Tim would be there. It was a combination of a hospital and a funeral home, a church and a restaurant. I was not with Stan. I was traveling in a cab along with some young women. We were bringing chairs with us. When we got where we were going, we were told that we wouldn’t need the chairs because they had enough. We were all standing around a long table that was a cross between a restaurant table and an operating table. Tim was across the table from me and I waved at him. He waved back and said hi. He looked the way he did in the mid-90s with longer hair. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him because there were so many other people taking up his time.

I miss Tim so much.

You Don’t Know Weird

In all fairness, I think all this noise about how Mitt Romney is “weird” is really misguided. Slick? Yes. Mannequin stuffed shirt? Definitely. Against the best interest of the country? Absolutely. But weird? If you think Romney is weird, I feel sorry for you. You have led a sheltered life.

I am thinking that the people behind the weird campaign are young, probably Xers, maybe with Boomer parents. What they are perceiving as weird is nothing more than an old fogey’s ill-fated attempt at humor. Stan and I were discussing this today, and we were saying that his various lightheartedness caught on camera, i.e.: “Who Let the Dogs Out,” “Jukebox Butt Pinch,” and “I, Too, am Unemployed,” is just an older generation’s sense of humor. We’ve been around it. A lot. It’s not weird. In fact, it’s so lame and milquetoast it’s totally lacking of any edginess, and I would think “weird” would definitely have a little edge. It’s just dumb, not weird. It’s old fart humor.

Now you want weird? Take a look at the people Rick Perry had at his prayer breakfast. That’s beyond weird. That’s bloody frightening.