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Sick of the Tea Bully Bullshit

First of all, I’m monitoring the High Park Fire on Twitter. I know people DIRECTLY impacted by it. First of all, there’s our dear friend Bill who lives on Horsetooth Mountain near Lory State Park. We called him Sunday and he evacuated, packing as much stuff as he could into his truck and his sister’s vehicle. I cannot tell from maps whether his house is ok or not. It is breaking my heart to think something would happen to it. He just put a new addition onto it recently.

Second there’s my mom who lives in Fort Collins. Since she is elderly, I worry about all that smoke impacting the city. I’m not so worried about my dad who is in a nursing home.

And I just found out that our next door neighbor’s son works at a ranch just 5 miles south of the fire border. Wow. That’s a coincidence.

But there’s all these assholes on Twitter that have a cussing hissy fit anytime anyone mentions anything political, telling people to take their political bullshit elsewhere, and that #highparkfire is for INFORMATION about the fire. Oh, really? Since when is Twitter a public service? As far as I know, Twitter is a private company, and although they have rules about abuse, there is nothing saying anything about using hashtags relating to disasters to discuss politics. Nothing. You should appreciate that, teabillies, with your free enterprise libertarian no regulations. From what I have seen in my sporadic and sometimes obsessive twitter monitoring over the last few days is people being attacked by these self-appointed right wing twitter cops for posting anything from sarcastic comments about Romney wanting fewer firefighters to people simply posting a link to what a Colorado congressperson says about pine beetles. If anyone is abusive, it is the the bullies cussing at the people posting with political views. One thing those who have been scolded have in common is they all seem to be from the center or left politically. I’m sure if someone posted a right wing view point with the high park fire hashtag, their political post would not be attacked and they would not be told to go elsewhere. And funny how so much “God” and “Pray” tweets there are, and no one from the left is screaming “Take your religious post bullshit elsewhere…*highparkfire is for information only!” Maybe because although atheists have no need for “Pray for the victims” or “God please make it rain” tweets, they realize that people have a right to say what they want on Twitter. This concept unfortunately seems to be lost on the fascists.

One more thing. This dream seemed like some kind of premonition of what was about to take place a few days later.

Scotty is a Whiner

That’s right, Governor Moron, if only Wisconsin didn’t include Madison, your guy would’ve won the race. But no, unfortunately for you, Wisconsin DOES include Madison, and the rest of Dane County and all those other counties to the north, west and south like Columbia, Sauk, Iowa, Lafayette, Green, Rock, Grant, Crawford, Richland, Vernon, La Crosse, Monroe, Juneau, Adams, Portage, Wood, Jackson, Trempealeau, Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin and Pierce, not to mention Kenosha and Milwaukee in the southeast, and Menominee in the northeast, and Washburn, Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland and Iron in the north. No, except for those screaming bastions of socialism, your guy would have won. Puhlease. Teatards!

Rant for Today

I clicked a link, ended up at a Facebook page of one of the 14 Wisconsin State Senators. I took a look at the comments, some were positive, some weren’t. But one that was sort of in the middle really flipped my tweaker. It said, and I quote:

“I do understand what your doing..there are many portions of this bill that are wrong…But with a vote of 53 to 42 if you all where back you might have tipped the vote….”

No, it’s not the misspellings that makes me grit my teeth. I’m wondering how many other people actually think this? Seriously? Someone with much more patience and tolerance than I would’ve had–maybe they were a teacher–politely corrected them about the difference between the Senate and the Assembly, and the numbers needed in each to pass the vote, and how the 14 coming back would not have made an ounce of difference when the vote passed the Assembly.

See, this is why the Republicans want to get rid of education. They want an uninformed public so they can use them for cheap labor and so they are more easily swayed by their rhetoric. They don’t want educated people from the working class. They only want their own, who can afford private school, to be the educated…the good old boy club, or the religious school creationists, who they’ve appropriated to get the votes on their side.

Wisconsin: The Movie, and Other Thoughts

I’m having a very hard time getting anything done today. Combination of lack of sleep, media-overload, and worrying about our future.

Here are some recent thoughts:

Watching video last night on the WI senate floor, Stan said Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca reminds him of Bill Murray. So I decided to start casting “Wisconsin: The Movie.” Scott Walker to be played by one of the Culkin kids. More inspiration to come in time…maybe Cheech Marin for former Mayor and current Mayoral Candidate Paul Soglin? WI Senator Fred Risser, would be played by JK Simmons (Burn After Reading and more). WI Senator Lena Taylor would be Queen Latifah. OK, gotta think more about this. Need ideas. Gotta get George Clooney in here somehow. Thoughts?

Worked on protest signs yesterday and Tuesday for this Saturday. Used a couple of my Punk Walker images and a couple dog images saying “Bury the Bill”, however that’s a bit outdated now. So instead of “Bury the Bill,” which was rather clever spelled out on a dog bone shape, it’s now just going to say “RECALL.”

Oh yeah, and on a national note, WTF is up with Newt Gingrich saying he worked far too hard and things happened in his life that were not appropriate? Like, he was so passionate about his country that it made him have an affair? His country made him do it? OK, people, if you haven’t gotten it through your heads that these Republicans have inserted their hypocritical heads all the way up to their semi-colons, then there’s no hope for you.

Edited to add: Watching Wisconsin Eye right now. Jeff and “Eff” Scott Fitzgerald Bros are the Deke and Delbert of WI Politics. (obscure Ann and Stan in-joke) Can’t think of any actors white enough to play them.

The Past Several Months: One Big Clusterf***

Greetings from Madison, Where the Palm Trees bloom lush in the warm subtropical sun! (fantasy-world tunnel-vision people are scratching their heads right now…the politically astute know exactly what I am referring to, tongue-in-cheek.)

I keep thinking how the past several months have been One Big Clusterf***. My dog died at the end of May. My eye doctor suspected I have Glaucoma, so I get sent to a specialist who says no, it’s just the scarring (I could’ve told them that…) We find out in August a good friend from college died in June. My computer dies while I’m out of town, and then I get horribly sick while my dead computer is being worked on, still out of town, in August. I get diagnosed with fibroids in the Fall–they’re benign, but they want to check it out further. November brings disastrous election results for Wisconsin–we lose Senator Russ Feingold and gain what will be proven to be the WORST GOVERNOR IN THE WORLD. Our good friend Tim goes into the hospital with a bad infection. Dictator-elect kills high speed rail. I need to be biopsied for uterine cancer. Tim dies on New Year’s Eve. Scott Walker assumes dictatorship. I get biopsied the day before Tim’s funeral. Good news? I don’t have cancer. But the celebration is short-lived: Dictator Walker unveils the Budget Despair Bill which will completely screw us all. One right royal Clusterf***.

Stan and I weren’t able to make it to the protests this weekend, and probably won’t get to do it again until next weekend when he has off. He’s been putting in a lot of extra overtime due to the lack of bodies at his job–they’re having tragedies in their lives too…one co-worker of his lost her husband and her father all within a short time…others have been out on injury leave…it’s a mess…a big clusterf***.

I really wish I could’ve been there to see Michael Moore. I don’t think this protest was as publicized as the one last weeked that we went to, so it was only about 50,000 (ONLY!) at the most compared to about 70-100,000 last week, and Moore’s appearance wasn’t publicized in advance. Also, from what I noticed following the tweets on Google Realtime was that a lot of people were out gathering signatures for Republican recalls, so they weren’t at the big protests.

Even if I can’t go to the protests every day, I’m doing what I can…I’m working on bumperstickers and protest items. I saw one of my bumper stickers on a car parked in our neighborhood the other day…that made me very happy! I noticed my prices are a lot lower than other people’s. I’m keeping the prices down and only using the minimum markup that Zazzle allows…I’m not doing this for profit–the few pennies I make on a sale doesn’t even cover my time–I want the message out, I want our voices to be heard, and I want the bill canned, Walker recalled, and the public all over the country to take notice of what is happening in our state and also in the entire nation. We are being divided and conquered by a despot bought and paid for by corporate interests. The Republican mission is only to promote the interest of corporate profiteering…they use the tea party to advance their own agenda, pitting private worker against public worker, rural against urban. This is the imaginary class war they are fabricating, “the union guy wants part of your cookie” joke. The Corporations want you to think taxes are bad because they don’t want to pay their fair share…they also hold out the wishful motivational, yet unrealistic carrot…some day you too could be rich like them…would you want to pay all that tax? Once the anti-tax working-class tea party types realize it’s not unions that are the enemy, instead it’s the Fat Cats–the ones with all the tax breaks, then we will be united against one common enemy: The Moneyed Elite. But until then, it’s divide and conquer. And one big Clusterf***.

Charlie Gaddafi Versus Sleepy The Gerbil

Is it just me, or is it hard to distinguish between the delusional rantings of Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddafi lately? Other than one speaks Arabic and the other speaks English, sort of….I did recognize a few words here and there during the interview that they keep playing over and over on the news.

I was also considering adding the megalomaniacal stylings of Governor Walker to the mix to create some three-headed apocalyptic beast, but…it doesn’t really fit. I mean the Charlie Gadaffi character is angry, grizzled, wrinkly, and drug-addled, whereas Walker is slick, smooth, and almost childlike. He doesn’t anger…he just slicks over all the issues, never directly addressing them or directly answering questions. Doesn’t miss a beat. And then afterward you’re just left wondering, “what did he say? what does that even mean?” Sort of like you’re left wondering what Muammar Sheen said too.

No, direct comparisons really can’t be made between Walker and the above-mentioned more wild-eyed narcissists. Walker’s somnambulist eyes appear to show a rather dim-witted nature–someone who’s scholastically-challenged. In fact, if I were to design a mascot based on him, I would use Sleepy The Gerbil, a pet I had as a child. Sleepy was sort of a dumb gerbil with droopy eyes and mouth sort of like Scotty’s. But his poor dumb little schoolboy looks belie the true bully inside–a tyrant who has no respect for democracy and debate and will resort to trickery just to get his way, but will use that same democracy to propel himself into power as an elected official of the very same government that he wants to dismantle.

Politics 101

The Joke That’s Been Making Its Rounds Today. It explains very clearly what is going on. No one knows where it originated, but it’s everywhere:

A union worker, a Tea Partier, and a CEO are sitting at a table. On the table is a plate with 12 cookies. The CEO reaches over and takes 11 cookies. He looks at the Tea Bagger and says, “Better watch out for that union guy, he’s going to want part of your cookie.”

I Wish it was May…

…so I could stay longer at the protest. Or I could come back home and ride back on my bike. Feet hurt too much, legs and face were too cold, so we came home. The bus was PACKED…hardly any standing room left going down there. I was hoping it wouldn’t break down. I sat on Stan’s lap to make room for more people boarding. I felt so energized, I wanted to stay longer. I’ll rest up and we can head back again on some weeknight. Not as big a crowd, but we’ve still got to populate the building and get heard. So many people there…it was massive. Lots of good vibes. I hope Stan can find some old silk long underwear I can wear next time so my thighs don’t freeze. Or maybe I’ll wear some pjs underneath my pants.

Took a sign that said “I ♥ WI 14 like the ones I sell. On the reverse it was a pic of Scotty in a corner with a dunce cap on his head. It said “CORNERED!” on top, thought bubble coming out of scotty’s head saying “Look, ma, no brain!” and a comment on the side saying “Where there’s no sense, there’s no feeling.”

I made another sign that Stan carried like a couple of my recent bumper stickers. I only have two pieces of red clothing, both of which are crew socks, so I wore a pair of those. I need some more red clothing if I’m going to do this more…who knows how long these protests will last.

We picked up stray signs and gave them a good home…a couple AFSCME “It’s about freedom” signs we put outside taped over an old lawn sign.

So good to see all the support for all workers this has garnered across the nation.

I Heart Wisconsin 14

In light of what is going on in my state, I’ve added more items to my Zazzle store.

I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

Show your support for the 14 Wisconsin State Senators who stand up for the working people and against Governor Walker’s disastrous Budget Repair Bill.

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I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

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Hypocritical Thinking?

Someone called up the Joy Cardin show this AM saying that a lot of the protesters are students who don’t have critical thinking skills. Using his son as an example, he said his son said that “I’ve always wanted to go to a protest, I just didn’t know what to protest.” Reminds me of the quote from The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. “What are you rebelling against?” “What have you got?”

I don’t think that’s a lack of critical thinking on the part of the caller’s son. I think it shows that he has wanted to be involved in something important, but no cause has presented itself until now.

How about the lack of critical thinking skills with the health care debate? What about all the old tea party types screaming “no government health care!” while they have Medicare? Yeah, that’s real rational.

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