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The Jasper Dance

This movie was recorded probably when Jasper was about 12 weeks or so.

Lucifer Sam would always spin for his food. I don’t know why–we didn’t teach him this. It just comes natural to Pugs to spin. For our first Pug, Hieronymus, we put the spinning on cue, so when we said “Bagel,” he would make donuts.

Plato never danced for his food. He barked a lot. Sometimes he stood up as the foodbowl headed his way, but never danced.

When we first got Jasper, he just sat and watched as we prepped his food. Such a well-behaved dog. But then he started picking up on Lucifer Sam’s spinning. He could not spin like the Pug. His dance was sort like crossing a spinning Pug with Elaine’s (Seinfeld) dance. Sort of spastic and uncoordinated.

This is the early version of the Jasper Dance. Some time I’ll record his more recent version. He’s developing a style.


Ever since we got Jasper in June, I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to find any free time to upload any baby movies of him. (This one is taking over half an hour to upload). Then we went on a trip, my computer died, I came back from the trip and I was swamped trying to get my business back and running and restructuring some of my ebay listings to multi-variations (it’s like redoing your listings all over again, sort of like when I created my zen-cart store last fall)…doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, ophthalmologist appointments, too much. Way too much. Oh yeah, and a month ago my sites got hacked. No, not just the false alarm hack before the vacation. This time it was for real.

Now I’m getting toward the end of revising my listings, and the Ophthalmology appointments are done with (no, I don’t have glaucoma, fortunately…just scarred corneas as I’ve known for about a decade now…never was the diagnosis “it’s just scarred corneas” a GOOD thing to hear!). We still have doctor’s appointments…hearing tests for Stan, ultrasound for me, neutering for Jasper, yearly exams for the other animals.

But I’m finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. And a little time to upload these videos. So here we go…here’s the first one recorded a couple days after we got Jasper on June 16.

Ever see such a little dumpling?

Not Sure What to Think

Apollo Watches Jasper Sleep
Apollo Watches Jasper Sleep
Apollo (yellow creamy cat in picture) is not sure what to think of the Puppy. Puppies are totally new to him. Caligula has seen it all before. His first new puppy was Lucifer Sam back in 2003. And his new kitty was Apollo not even 3 years ago. Lucifer Sam is reacting the same way toward Jasper as he did Apollo…running away from him when he chases him. Lucifer Sam is a little shy. I don’t know why. He’s always by my side.

Drying My Eyes Out

We went from Plato’s Little Nursing Home to Jasper’s Little Nursery.

We have Jasper! And my photos I took earlier suck. I’m fine with the camera shooting jewelry and beads, but not so with wiggly puppies.

Jasper was born April 23. That was the day Plato decided to get old. The day he decided he couldn’t walk well or jump up on the futon. There’s something very strange “migration of the soul” about that.

We got him on Monday. He cried some that night, but last night he cried for freaking ever. I’m going without sleep–again–and my eyes are really dry and blurry (it’s a good thing I had my dreadful eye exam LAST week…they’d really have cause for concern now, not to mention how messed up my new prescription might be). I have him crated right now so I can write this down, and he’s being very good. I don’t know what his problem was last night…I was afraid police would knock on our door from being cruel to animals from the sounds he was making. We’re doing what we’re supposed to do when crate training, not giving into tempting cries, no matter how plaintive…and LOUD. Maybe he doesn’t like the dark. Maybe he likes it better when a blanket isn’t covering the crate. Maybe it’s best to put him away and wait a while until he’s asleep until we go asleep. Who knows.


Here’s a picture…it’s poor quality, but it gives you some idea of what he looks like. I was showing pictures to Stan last week of a potential Boston (that we didn’t get) and he said they looked like Plato. I told him that all Bostons will look like Plato now. Well, it’s not true. He doesn’t really look like Plato…his face is flatter, he’s cobbier, shorter legs, markings are a tad different, black instead of brindle. Maybe when he grows older I’ll start to see more similarities.

I hope to have better pictures later…my vision and photography abilities are pretty low right now.