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Signed The Petitons

Went out of our way looking for a stand because Stan saw one on the way back from work, but by the time we got there, it was down, probably because it was really cold. Figured we could sign them at the rally on Saturday, and if worse comes to worse we could always print them out and sign them and mail them in. But they were canvassing the neighborhood last night so we got it done.

So I guess there’s going to be a “We Are The 99%” rally @ Ian’s Pizza off the capitol AND a Recall Walker rally on the capitol, both starting @ 11 am.

The Past Several Months: One Big Clusterf***

Greetings from Madison, Where the Palm Trees bloom lush in the warm subtropical sun! (fantasy-world tunnel-vision people are scratching their heads right now…the politically astute know exactly what I am referring to, tongue-in-cheek.)

I keep thinking how the past several months have been One Big Clusterf***. My dog died at the end of May. My eye doctor suspected I have Glaucoma, so I get sent to a specialist who says no, it’s just the scarring (I could’ve told them that…) We find out in August a good friend from college died in June. My computer dies while I’m out of town, and then I get horribly sick while my dead computer is being worked on, still out of town, in August. I get diagnosed with fibroids in the Fall–they’re benign, but they want to check it out further. November brings disastrous election results for Wisconsin–we lose Senator Russ Feingold and gain what will be proven to be the WORST GOVERNOR IN THE WORLD. Our good friend Tim goes into the hospital with a bad infection. Dictator-elect kills high speed rail. I need to be biopsied for uterine cancer. Tim dies on New Year’s Eve. Scott Walker assumes dictatorship. I get biopsied the day before Tim’s funeral. Good news? I don’t have cancer. But the celebration is short-lived: Dictator Walker unveils the Budget Despair Bill which will completely screw us all. One right royal Clusterf***.

Stan and I weren’t able to make it to the protests this weekend, and probably won’t get to do it again until next weekend when he has off. He’s been putting in a lot of extra overtime due to the lack of bodies at his job–they’re having tragedies in their lives too…one co-worker of his lost her husband and her father all within a short time…others have been out on injury leave…it’s a mess…a big clusterf***.

I really wish I could’ve been there to see Michael Moore. I don’t think this protest was as publicized as the one last weeked that we went to, so it was only about 50,000 (ONLY!) at the most compared to about 70-100,000 last week, and Moore’s appearance wasn’t publicized in advance. Also, from what I noticed following the tweets on Google Realtime was that a lot of people were out gathering signatures for Republican recalls, so they weren’t at the big protests.

Even if I can’t go to the protests every day, I’m doing what I can…I’m working on bumperstickers and protest items. I saw one of my bumper stickers on a car parked in our neighborhood the other day…that made me very happy! I noticed my prices are a lot lower than other people’s. I’m keeping the prices down and only using the minimum markup that Zazzle allows…I’m not doing this for profit–the few pennies I make on a sale doesn’t even cover my time–I want the message out, I want our voices to be heard, and I want the bill canned, Walker recalled, and the public all over the country to take notice of what is happening in our state and also in the entire nation. We are being divided and conquered by a despot bought and paid for by corporate interests. The Republican mission is only to promote the interest of corporate profiteering…they use the tea party to advance their own agenda, pitting private worker against public worker, rural against urban. This is the imaginary class war they are fabricating, “the union guy wants part of your cookie” joke. The Corporations want you to think taxes are bad because they don’t want to pay their fair share…they also hold out the wishful motivational, yet unrealistic carrot…some day you too could be rich like them…would you want to pay all that tax? Once the anti-tax working-class tea party types realize it’s not unions that are the enemy, instead it’s the Fat Cats–the ones with all the tax breaks, then we will be united against one common enemy: The Moneyed Elite. But until then, it’s divide and conquer. And one big Clusterf***.

I Heart Wisconsin 14

In light of what is going on in my state, I’ve added more items to my Zazzle store.

I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

Show your support for the 14 Wisconsin State Senators who stand up for the working people and against Governor Walker’s disastrous Budget Repair Bill.

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I Heart Wisconsin 14
I Heart Wisconsin 14

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Budget Crisis? What Budget Crisis?

From the Capital Times:

To the extent that there is an imbalance — Walker claims there is a $137 million deficit — it is not because of a drop in revenues or increases in the cost of state employee contracts, benefits or pensions. It is because Walker and his allies pushed through $140 million in new spending for special-interest groups in January. If the Legislature were simply to rescind Walker’s new spending schemes — or delay their implementation until they are offset by fresh revenues — the “crisis” would not exist.

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More Republican Craziness

Slogan of the Day: “If you wanted a Republican to care about you, you should have stayed a fetus.” (Found over at HuffPost in the comment section on an article about the Wisconsin situation)

Damn, I just realized I had one of those horrible dreams last night about not having graduated from graduate school. I dreamt I still had a couple semesters worth of credits to take. And I decided at this point it wasn’t worth it. Ew. I must have accidentally gotten into Scotty’s little brain (claustrophobic!) and was recalling how I never finished college because “I already had a job.” Yes, because we go to university to get jobs, not to get an education. Right. Typical lack of curiosity about the world, just like Sarah Palin. Actually, I really wish Walker would be MORE like Sarah Palin…like as in QUITTING the Governorship. Considering he quit college, he certainly has the QUIT gene.

You know what is driving me crazy is that there are reports that there are protesters on the square numbering in the tens of thousands, and these Repugnicans are saying–and I paraphrase–“Yes, but how many people live in Wisconsin? Certainly it’s just a small minority…” What the BLOODY HELL? If all the people who were against Walker’s bill descended upon the Capitol, 1) It would be ABSOLUTE COMPLETE CHAOS, and 2) The Repugs would then say “Irresponsible…they should be at work!” It’s double jeopardy. Regardless of what you do, Repugs will find a way to spin it their way.

Oh, and Repugs are angry because outlying Wisconsin cities are bussing people in to Madison to protest, like that’s not fair or something? WTF? What, you want them to all drive down in individual cars? Yeah, that’s probably what they want…Repugs do like exhausting the fuel supply.

Stan did go to the square shortly yesterday. I had to stay home…I’m still in a lot of pain, and though I’m feeling somewhat better today than yesterday, the pain on my right side is pretty bad. I also discovered a big black and blue mark on my hipbone. I didn’t realize I even fell on my hipbone…I didn’t even realize I still had hipbones. Heh. Stan’s bus passes were expired…when he’s worked at the courthouse, he’s had to leave in the AM before the busses were running…or he’s biked in warm weather, so the passes were over a year old or so. The bus driver let him ride anyway, but without passes he had to walk home, so he didn’t stay too long. I’d like to go tomorrow if I’m not in so much pain, but we’ll see. The protests will not stop unless public union members retain collective bargaining.

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Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for a College Graduate

I wish I would’ve thought of this slogan! I found this on a site selling Wisconsin Merchandise via Zazzle (where my bumper sticker is #1 in WI bumper stickers, BTW!).

I say demote Scooter the College Dropout to Janitor.

Tempers are getting fired up in Wisconsin because of the Republicans trying to ram this Budget Repair Despair Bill through, and I’ve sold dozens of my bumper stickers so far. There’s a rally downtown the 15th and 16th, and we’ll try to make it on Wednesday. Wisconsin is the new Egypt! Except it didn’t take 30 years for people to get tired of Walker…he’s only been in office a little over a month. That’s just how awful he is.

Union Buster

Walker is now Union Busting. He’s calling out the National Guard. Recall this neanderthal NOW.

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Wisconsin started this week on such a high note (Packers)…leave it to Scotty to ruin it for everyone (except his rich Republican cronies).

Just heard it’s Charles Darwin’s birthday tomorrow. I guess Stan and I picked a good day to get married!

Spooty Spoot

Ironic that Obama would go to Wisconsin after the SOTU where he mentioned biofuels and high speed rail, both of which have been quashed by Scotty the Boxer. Of course everyone knows about the HSR and Walker, but wait, there’s more. He’s also ordering a biofuels project stopped in Madison. And he also doesn’t like Wind Energy either.

But on a whimsical, unrelated tangent, Obama said that, coincidentally, a piece of Sputnik crashed in Manitowoc (where he was speaking today) back in 1962. Ironic that the SOTU mentioned Sputnik, as in Moment. And then he goes to Manitowoc. Weird.

When I first moved to Colorado, I knew a Chihuahua named Spooty. Spooty peed and barked all the time. Spooty was owned by an old lady who lived next door to us. I didn’t like Spooty all that much, and he didn’t seem all that friendly. I suspect Spooty was named after Sputnik, because he was just about that old. Spooty’s owner’s grandson lived there too and had a beagle mix named Peaches. Peaches was the first dog that became my friend, but only through a chain link fence. I think Peaches liked my company better than her owner, who she seemed scared of. I wish I could see Peaches now that I’m a dog owner. Weird how we miss animals from our past, even if they weren’t our own.

Also, Manitowoc is one of those places in Wisconsin that I wish I could live if I could live anywhere and Stan’s work and finances weren’t a problem. I would live right on the lake. Anywhere on any body of water in Wisconsin would be wonderful. For now, I’ll just settle for being between a couple of them.

Is That a Peach-colored Yarmulke You’re Wearing…Or…

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No, of course not, he’s a Baptist. It’s just a BALD SPOT.

Here’s a blog post I found regarding the bald spot. The writer points out that during the election, we really didn’t see baldy that much, but now it’s suddenly become center stage…or should I say right stage? During his inauguration speech (reruns on the news that I watched of it, of course…who needs to see the whole thing live during one’s lunch hour…nausea is not my cup of tea) when one catches a glimpse of it flash by the screen, one has to wonder…whoah…what is wrong with his head? (In more ways than one)

Now before anyone jumps on me about making fun of the follicly-challenged, I am not. I do find it strange that somehow he kept it hidden before he took office, then BAM! What other surprises does he have in store for us? It also seems sort of unnatural, like he’s still trying to hide something. Most bald spots have thinning hair around them as well, but it’s like he has this thick black hair, then a bald spot. And the stark black hair…he’s in his 40s. Shouldn’t there be some grey in there too? I am thinking he’s using some sort of product…and not a very discreet one. Not very discerning and makes poor choices. It’s also lopsided. It’s too far on the right. Metaphors, anyone?

Oh good grief, I just read the wiki entry on him. He was born in Colorado Springs, land of the Mega Churches. Figures. One time Stan and I took a mini vacation to Colorado Springs back when we lived in Fort Collins. We were considering it as a possibility for grad school, and although I like Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs itself was insufferable, and the university there seemed like a desert wasteland. That was before the mega church thing really got started. So glad we decided against it…it would’ve been a really bad match. Kind of like the way Scott Walker will be for Wisconsin.

Well Duh!!! -Bya!!

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Dubya’s been in the news lately. Both of them! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber! Who’s Dubya Two you may ask? Here’s a hint: Never, ever, elect a person with “Walker” in their name. Case in point: George W. (Walker) Bush. And now, Wisconsin has it’s own little junior achiever Dubya…Scott Walker! Yes! It’s the Walker curse!

I was just telling Stan the other day how he is my absolutely most hated politician…even more than George W. And then I woke up to an epiphany this morning about the names. Weird, huh?

Dubya II, you are an embarrassment to my state, asking the Obama administration to re-appropriate the $810 million for the high speed rail to be spent on roads, when clearly this grant was to create an infrastructure not reliant on fossil fuel. What a short-sighted little boy you are. You make George W. look like a rocket scientist. At least he finished his MBA. You didn’t even get a baccalaureate.

Now governors of other states are saying “Well, give me the $810 million, then!!” They must think we’re a bunch of backward gas-huffin’ hillbillies here. And they’d be partly right. The percentage that voted for you…what is that…52% of the 40% of the eligible voting public that turned out to vote…those people ARE either gas-huffin’ hillbillies OR too stupid or too lazy to have researched the issues and the ramifications of you being elected.

Stop right now. Quit fighting the train. Quit like you did college. Keep the federal funds, build the train. It might taste bad to you right now, but think of the future, when gas is $10/gallon. I thought you were about creating jobs? Instead, if you axe this project, you’ll be losing jobs. You’ll be losing businesses here that will be created by building the train.

I voted for Barrett and Feingold. I just want to tap my heels and wake up from this nightmare. Please don’t think Wisconsin as a whole wants what Walker has in mind for us. I bet a lot of people who voted for him…business people in communities that would get the train…are now having regrets for what he is going to be doing.