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My Wisconsin Recall Election Vote Rigging Conspiracy

Me? I don’t cry right away. It takes me a couple days. Like today. Wednesday was just surreal, emotionless, flat, shadowless. It was literally like the world had no shadows or shape. It was two dimensional, like the media I was immersed in.

I read this on Democratic Underground:

I’ll bet Walker actually lost yesterday, but the Democrats were too clueless to catch him stuffing ballot boxes. At least some Wisconsin counties vote on DeBold machines. It would be no trick at all to invent 50,000 votes spread through fifteen friendly counties, and steal the election.

What I thought was odd was the day of the election, TV clips showed “PerpWalker” voting, seeming unusually unconfident, stating he was “cautiously optimistic.” This was not his normal, cocky, confident self. It appeared there was something going on beneath the surface. There are only two explanations I can come up with:

1) He really was being cautious about his confidence. He understood the great grassroots groundswell against him, of the roughly one million people who signed the petition for his recall. He really was afraid of being recalled, and being “cautiously optimistic” was a way of him not getting his hopes too high. He could have been authentically scared, and even though Koch & Co. had it all planned out, they let him believe it was going to be very, very close.

2) It was all an act. He knew the fix was in, the paper trail-less touch-screen Diebold machines hacked in his favor. (I’d like to see a breakdown of which counties used the above mentioned voting method and which used the optical scanners which leave a paper trail. My county, Dane, uses the latter, and it was deep, deep blue.) In this scenario, Koch & Pals let him in on it, and Koached him to act straight-faced for the obligatory “candidate goes to the polls” media shot.

This is why I suspect the person who wrote the snippet from the Democratic Underground post may be right. Tea Party Repubs did not want a repeat of the Kloppenburg/Prosser fiasco “oh look, Kathy Nichlaus just found 14,000 ballots!” of last year. They wanted a fast, decisive win that didn’t look suspicious. Instead, they rigged it so it was so decisive it could only have been faked. Not even Republican voters believed it would be that much of a margin. After all, exit polling showed Obama leading Romney 51 to 44, a difference of 13 points. That’s just too much of a disconnect to jive with Walker’s 6 point win over Barrett.

One thing that really pisses me off is not enough was brought up before the recall by either Barrett, the TV Media, or even the Twitterverse about the Deer Czar. This totally screws Wisconsin hunters who currently pay $24 a year license to hunt. Under this regime, that would be raised to $750-$1000 or more. This will directly affect many Wisconsinites, probably a majority of whom voted for Walker. Did they even realize this is happening?

I’m not a hunter, but when the choice is keeping a $24/a year Wisconsin tradition alive, thinning the deer herd to prevent them from painful starvation and car collisions vs. hunting them behind fences on private land at prices reserved only for the wealthy, the choice is pretty simple.

To paraphrase the old statement:

First they came for the Unions,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t in a union.

Then they came for Badger Care,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t on Badger Care.

Then they came for the Equal Pay Law,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Woman.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Scott Walker’s Real Wisconsin

Walker's Real Wisconsin
click for enlargement

Gov. Scott Walker said this afternoon that the spring election results show there are “two very different worlds in this state.”

“You’ve got a world driven by Madison, and a world driven by everybody else out across the majority of the rest of the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said at a press conference in the Capitol.

“For those who believe it’s a referendum, while it might have a statewide impact that we may lean one way or the other, it’s largely driven by Madison, and to a lesser extent Milwaukee,”

Scotty is a Whiner

That’s right, Governor Moron, if only Wisconsin didn’t include Madison, your guy would’ve won the race. But no, unfortunately for you, Wisconsin DOES include Madison, and the rest of Dane County and all those other counties to the north, west and south like Columbia, Sauk, Iowa, Lafayette, Green, Rock, Grant, Crawford, Richland, Vernon, La Crosse, Monroe, Juneau, Adams, Portage, Wood, Jackson, Trempealeau, Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin and Pierce, not to mention Kenosha and Milwaukee in the southeast, and Menominee in the northeast, and Washburn, Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland and Iron in the north. No, except for those screaming bastions of socialism, your guy would have won. Puhlease. Teatards!

Who’d Have Thought…Maine?

Yes, it’s probably the most conservative of all the other New England states, and yes, it’s isolated by itself up there and is unusual in that it’s the only state in the Bottom 48 that only borders one other state…but who would’ve thought it would be so radical in its decision to remove a mural depicting its state’s labor history?
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Little Twerpy Gets Shamed at Vilas Hall

Video here.

Someone says something about “recall.”

According to tweets, he’s supposedly there giving an interview w/Faux News. Don’t understand why he’d need to go to Vilas Hall on campus to give an interview w/Faux? Hostile territory. Don’t they have a studio near the beltline or someplace more Walkerfriendly (not that I don’t want him to get booed, mind you <--double negative...confusing to Scotty).

Unwanted Man

Click for larger view

” Scott “Pasty Face” Walker : REWARD: The Return of the State of Wisconsin to its Rightful Citizens : For the Crimes of Stealin’ money from widows and children, killin’ workers’ rights and Bustin‘ Unions, tradin’ off Wisconsin Utilities, deprivin’ residents of improved public transportation, conspirin’ with Corporate Hoodlums and Scallywags, lyin‘ to the public before the election, and bein’ an all ‘round weasel. ”

I’m making one of these supersized (tiled) in black and white for next time. Maybe I’ll smudge it up with some coffee for an old west effect. Don’t really have a color printer…I do, but it’s hibernating and expensive to use. Laserprints are much cheaper.

Show of Hands

The news keeps playing the clip of Walker signing the Bill. Every time I see it I cringe. It’s startling. I used to be freaked out by deformed hands or amputated fingers. But this is quite the opposite. The man’s hands show no wear or age. He has never toiled. They look like a young woman’s hands, not the hands of a 43 year old man. Wrinkle-free, vein-free, callous-free, un-chapped, knuckle-free. It’s so obvious the guy has never worked with his hands. They’re so perfect and lilywhite, it’s almost as if he had a hand job (rimshot). He’s also never worked with his brain either. You either do one or the other or a combination of both. That leaves only one profession where you don’t work with your brain or hands. You got it. Prostitute. Corporate Prostitute.

Anyway, we took the dogs to Dog Play at Ruffin’ It this morning. Lots of little dogs (our two almost look like giants compared to some of the little petite guys there). After we came back, we went down John Nolen where the Tractorcade was driving. We honked out a lot “This is What Democracy Looks Like”. They headed to the Capitol, and we went home to get a bite to eat before we head out to protest this afternoon.

Wisconsin: The Movie, and Other Thoughts

I’m having a very hard time getting anything done today. Combination of lack of sleep, media-overload, and worrying about our future.

Here are some recent thoughts:

Watching video last night on the WI senate floor, Stan said Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca reminds him of Bill Murray. So I decided to start casting “Wisconsin: The Movie.” Scott Walker to be played by one of the Culkin kids. More inspiration to come in time…maybe Cheech Marin for former Mayor and current Mayoral Candidate Paul Soglin? WI Senator Fred Risser, would be played by JK Simmons (Burn After Reading and more). WI Senator Lena Taylor would be Queen Latifah. OK, gotta think more about this. Need ideas. Gotta get George Clooney in here somehow. Thoughts?

Worked on protest signs yesterday and Tuesday for this Saturday. Used a couple of my Punk Walker images and a couple dog images saying “Bury the Bill”, however that’s a bit outdated now. So instead of “Bury the Bill,” which was rather clever spelled out on a dog bone shape, it’s now just going to say “RECALL.”

Oh yeah, and on a national note, WTF is up with Newt Gingrich saying he worked far too hard and things happened in his life that were not appropriate? Like, he was so passionate about his country that it made him have an affair? His country made him do it? OK, people, if you haven’t gotten it through your heads that these Republicans have inserted their hypocritical heads all the way up to their semi-colons, then there’s no hope for you.

Edited to add: Watching Wisconsin Eye right now. Jeff and “Eff” Scott Fitzgerald Bros are the Deke and Delbert of WI Politics. (obscure Ann and Stan in-joke) Can’t think of any actors white enough to play them.

Public Sector Workers: Please DO NOT Strike

I heard on WPR this morning that Wisconsin Union heads are not calling for a strike, but for members to spend as much of their free time as they can to get out and protest and work toward a recall effort.

Striking for public sector workers at a time like this would be playing right into Snotty’s little weasel hands. He wants a reason to call unions and public sector workers useless. He wants a reason to privatize. Please do not give him this chance.

I know that in Stan’s case, as someone who is essential personnel, it would actually be immoral for him to walk off the job as people depend on people like him to feed them. I hope there will be no arrests at the Capitol, but in case there are, someone has to feed these people, and Stan is the best cook to do it too.

Budget Impaired Bill

Ok, so let me get this straight. Initially, it was all about “balancing the budget” and they had to keep the collective bargaining item in there because it helped “balance the budget”. BUT because they didn’t need any of the WI Fab14 to pass a NON-budget bill, they removed all the fiscal stuff out of the bill, leaving the collective bargaining part, because it was not fiscal. But they initially said it was about the budget. And a budget is fiscal. WTF?!?