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Sick of the Tea Bully Bullshit

First of all, I’m monitoring the High Park Fire on Twitter. I know people DIRECTLY impacted by it. First of all, there’s our dear friend Bill who lives on Horsetooth Mountain near Lory State Park. We called him Sunday and he evacuated, packing as much stuff as he could into his truck and his sister’s vehicle. I cannot tell from maps whether his house is ok or not. It is breaking my heart to think something would happen to it. He just put a new addition onto it recently.

Second there’s my mom who lives in Fort Collins. Since she is elderly, I worry about all that smoke impacting the city. I’m not so worried about my dad who is in a nursing home.

And I just found out that our next door neighbor’s son works at a ranch just 5 miles south of the fire border. Wow. That’s a coincidence.

But there’s all these assholes on Twitter that have a cussing hissy fit anytime anyone mentions anything political, telling people to take their political bullshit elsewhere, and that #highparkfire is for INFORMATION about the fire. Oh, really? Since when is Twitter a public service? As far as I know, Twitter is a private company, and although they have rules about abuse, there is nothing saying anything about using hashtags relating to disasters to discuss politics. Nothing. You should appreciate that, teabillies, with your free enterprise libertarian no regulations. From what I have seen in my sporadic and sometimes obsessive twitter monitoring over the last few days is people being attacked by these self-appointed right wing twitter cops for posting anything from sarcastic comments about Romney wanting fewer firefighters to people simply posting a link to what a Colorado congressperson says about pine beetles. If anyone is abusive, it is the the bullies cussing at the people posting with political views. One thing those who have been scolded have in common is they all seem to be from the center or left politically. I’m sure if someone posted a right wing view point with the high park fire hashtag, their political post would not be attacked and they would not be told to go elsewhere. And funny how so much “God” and “Pray” tweets there are, and no one from the left is screaming “Take your religious post bullshit elsewhere…*highparkfire is for information only!” Maybe because although atheists have no need for “Pray for the victims” or “God please make it rain” tweets, they realize that people have a right to say what they want on Twitter. This concept unfortunately seems to be lost on the fascists.

One more thing. This dream seemed like some kind of premonition of what was about to take place a few days later.

Twitter Fail : Getting Frustrated

I can’t get Twitter to work on this old ibook I’m using while my MacBook Pro is in the shop…I can sort of bring it up in FireFox, but not at all in Safari…and, well, forget about MSIE…

I can bring it up on Stan’s MacBook…maybe I’ll have to use that. Good thing I’m in a multi-computer household.

Also…Google used to have link in their sidebar for “Realtime” which was basically streaming twitter messages from your search terms. Looks like they got rid of that in the wake of their “Google+” rollout. I’m starting to get really pissed at Google.

Please Don’t Hate Me!

I did it. I signed up for a Twitter account. UnionPug. I was thrilled the name was available. Nothing there yet. I’ll probably mostly be following and retweeting the fake Scotts and stuff.

OK, I never wrote that I hated Twitter…just Facebook. At least Twitter’s font is large enough. And you can add your own background. Artists like stuff like that.

Within the past couple weeks I’ve actually been finding Google’s Realtime Twitter feeds useful. Facebook? Not so much.

Scott Walker Parody Twitter Accounts

I’ll keep posting them here as I find them…worth the giggles.


And this one is a Union of all the Fake Walkers! FakeWalkerUnion. But as ScattWalker tweeted: “Just agreed to join new local union of 18 faux Scott Walkers. Obviously having cognitive dissonance. Not sure who will be shop steward.”

Oh, and now there’s even one for Grandpa Simpson, aka Ron Johnson (dude that bought Feingold’s seat):
SenRonJohnsonWI. Don’t you think he looks like Grandpa Simpson? I do. It’s the mouth.

This stuff is better than SNL.