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Public Sector Workers: Please DO NOT Strike

I heard on WPR this morning that Wisconsin Union heads are not calling for a strike, but for members to spend as much of their free time as they can to get out and protest and work toward a recall effort.

Striking for public sector workers at a time like this would be playing right into Snotty’s little weasel hands. He wants a reason to call unions and public sector workers useless. He wants a reason to privatize. Please do not give him this chance.

I know that in Stan’s case, as someone who is essential personnel, it would actually be immoral for him to walk off the job as people depend on people like him to feed them. I hope there will be no arrests at the Capitol, but in case there are, someone has to feed these people, and Stan is the best cook to do it too.

Impeach Scott Walker Bumper Stickers

The situation in my state is going from bad to worse. Walker, along with the other 18 Republican State Senators who split the bill in order to ram through the part about ending collective bargaining show that they knew it wasn’t about budget cutting all along. They are deceptive tricking liars, who make Nixon look good.

More items with these graphics can be found here.

Wisconsin Palm Tree Designs!

Proudly display your “Wisconsin Palm Tree” and show your support for the workers, unions and all of those fighting against Governor Walker’s Budget and the trickery and lies of the right-wing.

My “Wisconsin Palm Tree” (Latin name: Foxnews liesatus) comes in a variety of 4 different colors: Red, Green, Blue and Rainbow. No words or slogans this time, just a palm casting its shadow over our lovely northern state. You can wear them proudly at your protests as they come on a wide variety of clothing, or you can also get them on stickers, magnets, pins, mugs, steins…even ipodcases. I’m also working on adding them to other items like necklaces. They’ll be ready soon…

wisconsin palm treewisconsin palm treewisconsin palm treewisconsin palm tree

The Past Several Months: One Big Clusterf***

Greetings from Madison, Where the Palm Trees bloom lush in the warm subtropical sun! (fantasy-world tunnel-vision people are scratching their heads right now…the politically astute know exactly what I am referring to, tongue-in-cheek.)

I keep thinking how the past several months have been One Big Clusterf***. My dog died at the end of May. My eye doctor suspected I have Glaucoma, so I get sent to a specialist who says no, it’s just the scarring (I could’ve told them that…) We find out in August a good friend from college died in June. My computer dies while I’m out of town, and then I get horribly sick while my dead computer is being worked on, still out of town, in August. I get diagnosed with fibroids in the Fall–they’re benign, but they want to check it out further. November brings disastrous election results for Wisconsin–we lose Senator Russ Feingold and gain what will be proven to be the WORST GOVERNOR IN THE WORLD. Our good friend Tim goes into the hospital with a bad infection. Dictator-elect kills high speed rail. I need to be biopsied for uterine cancer. Tim dies on New Year’s Eve. Scott Walker assumes dictatorship. I get biopsied the day before Tim’s funeral. Good news? I don’t have cancer. But the celebration is short-lived: Dictator Walker unveils the Budget Despair Bill which will completely screw us all. One right royal Clusterf***.

Stan and I weren’t able to make it to the protests this weekend, and probably won’t get to do it again until next weekend when he has off. He’s been putting in a lot of extra overtime due to the lack of bodies at his job–they’re having tragedies in their lives too…one co-worker of his lost her husband and her father all within a short time…others have been out on injury leave…it’s a mess…a big clusterf***.

I really wish I could’ve been there to see Michael Moore. I don’t think this protest was as publicized as the one last weeked that we went to, so it was only about 50,000 (ONLY!) at the most compared to about 70-100,000 last week, and Moore’s appearance wasn’t publicized in advance. Also, from what I noticed following the tweets on Google Realtime was that a lot of people were out gathering signatures for Republican recalls, so they weren’t at the big protests.

Even if I can’t go to the protests every day, I’m doing what I can…I’m working on bumperstickers and protest items. I saw one of my bumper stickers on a car parked in our neighborhood the other day…that made me very happy! I noticed my prices are a lot lower than other people’s. I’m keeping the prices down and only using the minimum markup that Zazzle allows…I’m not doing this for profit–the few pennies I make on a sale doesn’t even cover my time–I want the message out, I want our voices to be heard, and I want the bill canned, Walker recalled, and the public all over the country to take notice of what is happening in our state and also in the entire nation. We are being divided and conquered by a despot bought and paid for by corporate interests. The Republican mission is only to promote the interest of corporate profiteering…they use the tea party to advance their own agenda, pitting private worker against public worker, rural against urban. This is the imaginary class war they are fabricating, “the union guy wants part of your cookie” joke. The Corporations want you to think taxes are bad because they don’t want to pay their fair share…they also hold out the wishful motivational, yet unrealistic carrot…some day you too could be rich like them…would you want to pay all that tax? Once the anti-tax working-class tea party types realize it’s not unions that are the enemy, instead it’s the Fat Cats–the ones with all the tax breaks, then we will be united against one common enemy: The Moneyed Elite. But until then, it’s divide and conquer. And one big Clusterf***.

Politics 101

The Joke That’s Been Making Its Rounds Today. It explains very clearly what is going on. No one knows where it originated, but it’s everywhere:

A union worker, a Tea Partier, and a CEO are sitting at a table. On the table is a plate with 12 cookies. The CEO reaches over and takes 11 cookies. He looks at the Tea Bagger and says, “Better watch out for that union guy, he’s going to want part of your cookie.”

Give Peace a Chance–In the Mainstream Media!

I have a theory about why the protests in Madison (over 70,000 Saturday) are not being paid attention to by Mainstream Media (MSM).

It’s peaceful. No arrests.

People marching, walking, shouting, singing, standing and carrying signs does not good ratings make.

They want sensationalism. Regardless how important these issues are–and there are even more items in the bill than what we are hearing about regarding unions–MSM won’t report on events without things blowin’ up real good, car chases, or psychotic celebrities.

It’s just too midwest nice. Well, until someone ends up in a woodchipper, people like myself will have to rely on the internet to get my news. Here’s the latest:

Walker is reportedly ordering windows bolted shut on the Capital (If this is in fact true, he is defacing a historical monument). They’re also not letting people back into the capital after they said they would return to regular business hours after it was cleaned last night. And AFSCME is filing Unfair Labor Practices against Walker.

Megalomaniacal yet?

We’re in There, Somewhere

Excellent Pictures of the Wisconsin Protests at The DailyKos

Maybe not in those photos, but we’re that crowd of humanity.

Favorite sign in that collection is: “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, or Walker’s Silent Majority.

We saw one dissenting sign during the whole protest. One guy with a pro-Walker sing. One. In fact, I didn’t even see him. Stan did. Someone must have told the guy that Rush Limbaugh was around the corner, so he ran to catch him. ‘Cause I didn’t even see him.

Letter to Governor Scott Walker

I received a mailing from MoveOn.org asking to write an email to the Governor regarding the Budget Repair Bill. Here is mine:

To: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
Subject: I am Against the Budget Repair Bill

To Governor Walker:

I am writing you to tell you I am NOT in favor of the Budget Repair Bill. I have nicknamed it the Budget Despair Bill because it will put my husband and I in financial despair if passed. We moved here from Colorado in 1989 to go to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, but stayed because we love the state.

My Grandfather, who died when I was a small child, was born in Wisconsin. His ancestors came to this country and state to farm some time in the 1800s. He became a union worker in Racine during the early and middle part of the 20th century, most notably during the Great Depression and during World War II. He always said never, ever to speak poorly of unions, because unions are what protect workers and allow them to have living wages.

Please do not destroy the unions and collective bargaining. Please know that there are so many people, including myself, who are against this bill. My Grandfather is watching you.


Ann Stretton